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Welcome to Shift Into Romance

... where the paranormal is the natural order of things, love thrives and the men and women chafe against convention and the ordinary.

If you love a good angst-to-love story, one where fur and fangs burst forth from muscular men, where women are strong, independent and can hold their own against their uber-alpha counterparts and danger lurks not only around every corner, but behind that tree or bush, in a warehouse, or lurking over your shoulder.

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Where people fall in love fast, hard and for always, where you can find desire practically burning the pages, women saving their men, and men reciprocating – where a kiss is more than a kiss, a caress turns into tearing up the sheets, the dining table, couch or  log in the middle of the forest. If you crave or desire all of this and more – you’re in the right place.

Don’t expect the ordinary, and do expect love at first, or maybe second or third sight. Fangs, fur, glowing eyes and lots of orgasms. Get ready for a wild ride and let loose your imagination. Hope you enjoy it, I know I do!

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