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Beacon Bay Magic Series

If you’re new to the series…

THERE’S MAGIC IN LOVE… in those who’ve come before us, and those who will come after. There’s magic in the sea, and in every civilization wondrous stories of magic abound.

In the Beacon Bay Magic series, you’ll mingle with my characters in their small coastal town, built with my imagination—and their help. This fictional town is set on the Oregon Coast, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in an area originally settled by the Siuslaw First Nations people, who inhabited it long before other folks arrived.

My fictional town is replete with magic, ghosts, and shapeshifters, causing folks with a raft of amazing abilities from around the world to gravitate to it—and there they stay. Druids from Ireland, magi from Persia, tribal goddesses, wizards, fairy-folk from Scotland, bruja from Spain, mediums, shapeshifters, warlocks, witches, and wizards. The list is endless and sometimes surprising.

Each person has abilities specific to their ancestry—magi from Persia can heal, detect danger to their loved ones, and craft protective wards around structures. Others from different ancestry can manipulate the ocean, wind, and storms. And yes, even shift into animals.

Beacon Bay is truly a psychic beacon to magical folk, for such an eclectic mix to trek there—each and every person pure of heart welcomed by the First Nations elders and healers—but only if they used their power for the good of the community. If these elders sensed evil intentions, they banished the person.

But… not all humans or paranormal-kind are banished before they wreak havoc on the community and inhabitants. Immerse yourself in their magical, mystical journeys as they fight to find­—and save­—lives and love forever after.

Embrace the magic of love—Le Grá and Slàinte Mhaith

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