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Beacon Bay Magic Series

If you’re new to the series…

There’s magic in love—in those who have come before us, and those who will come after. There’s magic in the sea, and in every civilization, wondrous stories of magic abound.

In the Beacon Bay Magic series, I’ve created a small coastal town, originally settled by the Siuslaw First Nations people, who in fact did inhabit the Oregon Coast long before other folks arrived. This area, in my mythical town, was so filled with magic, other people with amazing abilities gravitated to it.

Druids from Ireland, mages, or magi, from Persia, tribal goddesses, wizards, and fairy-folk from Scotland, Bruja from Spain, mediums, warlocks, witches, and wizards. The list was endless and surprising.

The coastal town of Beacon Bay was truly a psychic beacon to magical folk, for such an eclectic mix to trek there—each and every person welcomed by the First Nations elders and healers.

Along with the magic, it became known that when some people passed from the earthly realm, they would sometimes choose to stay in between earth and the afterlife, in order to look after or protect those they left behind.

The first book in Beacon Bay Magic has ghostly elements in it, with a matchmaking grandmother trying to convince Nat to love her holiday hero in time for a little girl’s Christmas wish for a new mommy to come true.


Book two, releasing on August 11, 2022, will feature a magical muscular man hell-bent on defending, protecting—and eventually loving—a strong, modern warrior-woman who's forever protecting others with no one at her back to look out for her. Until him. 


Slàinte Mhaith and happy reading!

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