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She hides behind her broken heart...


Natalie suffered through a loss no mother should ever have to, and came out the other side vowing to keep her fractured heart locked away forever. Her emotions shattered after the recent death of her grandmother, she retreats to the magical town she grew up in where she plans to live in isolation.


When the little cherub from next door appears on her porch steps her first day there before Nat can even get settled and insists she decorate for Christmas, she snaps at the child—and comes face to face with a man she’d spent a week with years ago while standing vigil at her cousin’s hospital bed. A man she’d held deep in her heart ever since.


As her gaze locks on those gunmetal gray eyes, recognition is instantaneous—the magnetic pull and attraction just as electric as ever—and Nat’s ashamed and miserable to have berated his little girl.


He’d fallen under her spell years ago…

Zach couldn’t believe someone would snap at his little girl just because she’d suggested turning on Christmas lights. When he bounds up his new neighbor’s porch steps to retrieve his child, he comes face to face with the woman who’d burrowed into his heart and soul years ago—a woman he couldn’t forget—and was shocked at the pain and sadness still radiating from her beautiful eyes.


Could this be his second chance with this sensuous woman? His heart and soul shouted she was meant for him, but his mind  cautioned him she may be too emotionally damaged. Sympathy and compassion vied with the still burning desire to get to know her as a woman.


The flames in her house stoke the heat flaming between them…

Neither Zach or Natalie are prepared for hearts tripping and emotional barriers falling when he snatches her from the flames engulfing her home and winds up tucking her into his spare bedroom—just down the hall from his.

Will loving her holiday hero be enough to awaken passion and new love, or will Zach and Natalie let this chance at healing their broken hearts pass them by? Will Zach have the chance to prove to her not all men have evil intentions? To prove their mutual attraction had evolved to something much, much deeper?


To prove that a certain little cherub needed and wanted a mommy for Christmas…

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