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Book 2 in an exciting new series, Beacon Bay Magic! Click the button below to learn more...

⚠️Content Alert⚠️

Domestic violence, death, cursing, explicit sex scenes

This is a revised edition, published with a new cover and edits to improve readibility and correct a few pesky errors.


Packed with magical mates, steamy encounters, danger dogging their heels, falling in love fast and hard, and a guaranteed HEA in the magical, mystical world of Beacon Bay!


She runs headlong into danger…

When Miranda’s ghostly friend appears at her bedside to warn of violence at her women’s shelter, she races into the night—and headlong into danger—without a thought to her own safety.

He’s strength and magic in a muscular package…

Vouru-Kasa Khan’s magic—inherited from revered Persian and Gaelic ancestors—compels him to protect his family and close friends, but whom is it driving him toward tonight? Never had his magic been so chaotic—almost out of control. What he feels clear to his soul though… the person once revealed will forever change his life.

Will her broken heart and distrust break them apart?

When he tracks her down, she’s wary and cautious, her heart bruised, her trust shattered. Her belief in good men—obliterated long ago. Convincing her to let him guard her body is one thing. Can he also entice her to believe he will stand steadfastly by her side—in time to save his magic? Or will she push him away, shatter his heart and hers—and doom his magic?

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