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She barely escapes with the child and her life

Miranda’s insomnia drives her wearily from her bed just before dawn, dark memories preventing sound sleep. Her eyes widen in  shocked disbelief to see the ghostly apparition of her friend materialize in front of her, issuing a grave warning of danger and death at the women’s shelter she’s put her heart and soul into.

Hell-bent to prevent tragedy and hoping it's not too late, she races to the location and runs headlong into danger. Not for the first time, she wished for a warrior of old to stand by her side. To fight with her. To ultimately love her.

Leery of men because of her past, she was destined to fight her own battles—and doomed to do so alone

He’s strength and magic in a muscular package

His magic compels him to defend and protect those connected to him—his friends and family—but whom is it driving him toward tonight? Never had his magic been so chaotic, almost out of control. What he felt clear to his soul, though, was the person once revealed would be important to him.

Vouru-Kasa Khan had inherited his magical abilities through revered ancestors—both Persian and Gaelic—and they’d served him well throughout his life. First in the military, then here in Beacon Bay. A loner throughout his adulthood, he had only a handful of male friends in this small coastal town and had yet to meet a woman who called to him. One he trusted enough to share his magic with.

With the clock ticking to find his magical mate or slowly lose his powers, Vouru began to lose hope he’d find a woman who would understand—and save—his magic. He yearned for a woman who would also understand and embrace his need to protect, his passionate nature…and learn to love him.


When he finally finds her, she’s wary and cautious, her heart bruised, her body abused, her trust shattered—her belief in good men—obliterated long ago.

Do they have a chance at the magic of love?

Convincing her to let him guard her body is one thing.  Can he also entice her to believe he wants to stand steadfastly by her side? To celebrate her strength, courage, and beauty? To ultimately win her love…

Enchanting Her Defender is a steamy magical paranormal romance featuring a dominant hero who wields his ancient magic to defend an emotionally damaged heroine descended from a warrior queen. One who’s determined to protect other women in need which has landed her in mortal danger. Each book in the series has an HEA. Grab your copy today!

* Trigger alert: Domestic violence and death.

If steamy encounters, cursing, magic and falling in love hard and fast is your cup of tea—happy reading!

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