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Where did Fiola grow up?

Being a military 'brat' until I was five took me from my origin in Oklahoma, to West Virginia, then Memphis, and finally to San Jose, California where I lived until I was 18. I was five when we moved to San Jose, and the poor kids on the playground had no clue what I meant when I said, "Ya'llwannaplaywime".

What was 'pre-silicon valley San Jose like ?

It was amazing! I lived in what was Blossom Valley which, at that time, was filled with kumquat, loquat, apricot and apple trees. Almaden Expressway was a two-lane road that led the traveler to New Almaden, with ranches, orchards and strawberry fields stretching out on either side. There was an adobe elementary school with a bell tower on the corner of Almaden and what is now Blossom HIll Road where I raised hell, uh, attended school.

Rumor has it that you rode gymkhana on an Appaloosa. True or False?

So very true! I loved horses and could be found galloping through the hills bareback or on a western saddle, and at Santa Clara County Horseman's Association racing barrels or polebending.

How long have you been writing?

I've been writing short stories and poems since I was a child of about 6. I didn't start writing in earnest until 2012, publishing my first novella in 2014. If you do the math, you'll wonder why the heck it's taken me so long to get another book published? Well, I actually write every day and have written a few more, but have chronic health issues that keep derailing me. A car accident and terrible whiplash when I was 19 graced me with a headache that has never gone away. Weekly migraines are a thing. Add to that lupus and chronic mononucleosis (yeah, who knew it could be chronic and return?) kick my ass on a regular basis. Add in the day-job and you have delayed editing and publishing. I've been successful in wrangling the headaches a bit, so am determined to publish at least two books a year!

Got any hobbies?

Yes! I love taking pictures with my Canon camera, and also reading - romance, of course! I used to knit and make jewelry, but my hands hurt too much to keep that up. Hiking also used to be a weekly adventure, but with lupus a person needs to embrace the vampiric lifestyle, and coupled with hotter summers, I don't get out as much anymore.

How many books will be in your new paranormal series?

Ten! I originally thought I'd do 3 or 4, but as I was writing the first in the series, characters kept popping up and demanding entrance, and once I let them in the book, they went on and demanded their own book. If I didn't agree, they wouldn't cooperate, so I caved and threw up my hands. "Okay, okay! Ten it is", I said.

What's with the Christmas romance novella you published that isn't a paranormal book?

Funny you should ask. I'm in the process of editing it to add a paranormal aspect and turn it into a full-length novel.

What's the heat level of your books?

Definitely steamy, with explicit sex scenes and a fair amount of cursing. Anyone looking for sweet romance won't want to crack one open. In other words, pretty realistic. "Realistic?" you ask? "But you write paranormal romance." Ahhh, but who's to say that the paranormal isn't realistic and real? Hmmm? ☺

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