Rock n’ Roll, Baby!

You never know when you’re going to run into your next adventure. Could be a trip to the store or to Santander, Spain. As a writer, I’m always on the lookout for an adventure, even while shopping and flirting with a fireman over frittatas at Freddies!

Now that would be an adventure I’d like to embrace. Ahem, as well as the fireman. Pardon me while I digress and maybe fantasize a bit. Hmmmmm. Okay, I’m back! Might something like that make it into one of my books? You bet!

I think it’s time I took some of the adventures below, that I’ve by turn loved, lived and survived, and use in a few books, yes?

I’ve been presented that huge cardboard Publishers Clearing House check – and the little paper one I cashed – which funded my move to Or-ee-gon in ’96 (look a bit younger, eh?).


Barrel raced my Appy in gymkhanas


Enjoyed living within blocks of Waikiki Beach in my 20’s – didn’t enjoy Hurricane Iwa. She was a big blowhard!


Rocked & rolled in San Jose during the 1989 6.9 earthquake and was horrified by the damage and death-toll


And in my late 30’s, was stomped by a horse amidst vines of grapes – do you suppose he meant to stomp the grapes? Note to self – identify all loud bug-zappers before riding bareback. Yup, I got back in the saddle!


This is just a smattering of the myriad adventures that have graced my life. What about you? Share some of your experiences. Check back later on the Travel Near O’ Far page to enjoy new hijinks. I’ll update as I encounter that next hunky guy, or that next big surprise!

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