My Brain Either Goes to Romance….

I can’t help it, when I think of a place, or an activity, my brain may go in a multitude of directions – to romance, where the heck can I hide, or is that a good place to bury a body.

Two Roses #2

That’s a writer’s brain for ya! We’re always conjuring scenarios in our heads. Show me a sandy beach, and I picture walking hand in hand and stealing kisses, or diving into the water and swimming for my life so that bad guy chasing me can’t get his hands on me. Hope to hell he can’t swim!

couple kissing beach
swimming in ocean

Maybe I’m hiking through the trees near Mr. Hood. I hear rustling in the bushes! Two lovers making out, or am I prey being stalked by four- or two-legged predators ready to pounce?! Do I run? Climb a tree? Where’s a hollow log to crawl into when you need one?

forest with girl

Anything and everything is a weapon to us. I was prowling a second-hand store recently and saw a hand-crafted pick. Couldn’t resist grabbing it as a prop for one of the weapons in my paranormal romance. Let the coroner have a field day trying to determine what gouged a hole in the corpse he’s examining.

handmade pick

I think having been raised by a WWII veteran who was, by turns, a flight engineer, MP, and physics instructor in the Navy in the forties and fifties, has aided and abetted my writer brain. My earliest memory of his lessons on situational awareness and self-defense goes back to when I was five. I bet the lessons started when I was in the cradle!

Dad on the wing of a PBM5 seaplane. WWII

Karate Kick

So, you readers, writers, and folk who don’t do either, what’s going through your mind when you’re driving, hiking, swimming, jogging – or kissing?

Check out some of the interesting books below on some of the subjects above…

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