Frosty Flowers

Flowering plants that embrace the frost? I had no clue. I’m always looking for ways to make my front and back yards pop. Although I should actually be writing in my current book, I’m surfing the net instead and learning about winter plants. Who knows? Maybe I can use the info in a book someday, which means …. I’m doing research! Yeah!


I digress. Back to frosty flowers. Believe it or not, Witchhazel has delightfully spindly flowers in a variety of colors with a uniquely spicy scent. You can shake up your yard with sunshine yellow, orange that would make copper jealous, and a vibrant red. Why choose just one when you can mix it up?


Love Camellias? There’s a winter flowering Camellia just for you! Brighten your yard with white, almost any pink you can imagine, and ruby reds. They’re known to bloom in Portland from October through February. Who can resist?

winter camellila

The Winter Daphne is also a garden favorite, with its purple and pink clustered flowers. The scent is delightful and gets stronger if the day is warmer. Plant this among the others and you’ll have flowers year round!


I know there are more, but want to leave some floral gems for you to discover yourself. Check with your garden center to determine best planting times, and who knows? Next year maybe you’ll have flowers to give your honey and pictures to share with us all!

Shovels at the ready!


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