Fiola’s Back! But, Where’s She Been?

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

Where’ve I been? Apologies for ghosting and not posting! Took a business trip in February to Ukraine, and boy did it kick my ass – kinda literally.

Although I loved the visit to Lviv, “living lviv a loca” sightseeing and working, as it were, I made the grave mistake of thinking I should partake in the group bowling team event. Wowza! Note to self, just because you do leg presses at the gym in no way means you should attempt to bowl!

I injured my knee, barely able to walk the next day. Should have seen me trailing behind my coworker shopping for goodies to take home. Step, drag the leg, step, drag… well, you get it!

I was, however, able to enjoy delish cuisine…

….and was amazed at the medieval city laid out before me.

I looked for and found Casanova…..

….hoping to claim a schmooch.

But, alas, the only flirting I found was with this fine gentleman. Too bad he wasn’t of flesh and blood!

Perhaps I should have ventured through some of these doorways to see if tall, dark and handsome was waiting for me there! Door number 1, or 2?

I briefly borrowed this lady's crown, but alas, she wouldn't relinquish it...

Gritted my teeth and endured the 30 hour, yes you heard me 30 hour trip home, and within a couple weeks, dislocated my other knee. In bed. And no, there was no fun, feisty good reason for the dislocation. I simply woke one morning and straightened my leg.

The brace I’d worn on my bowling-injured knee came off, and one for my right leg went on! A fashion statement they were not!

The knees are still misbehaving (WTH?) The stress of travel brought about an Epstein Barr (I have chronic mono, egads!) and a Lupus flare, which I’m still fighting (engard!). A two-fer!

Only recently have the headaches been abating, due to the miracle of muscle-relaxers and an acupuncturist who wields magical needles.

Soooo, long story not any shorter, I’ve been working at the day job only to return home to bed, and weekends are recovery for getting back to the day-job.

I’ve resurfaced, kinda like Punxsutawney Phil, only my poking my head above ground means I’ve started posting and writing again!

Fingers are crossed I’ll continue to improve, and with improvement, will actually be publishing more books soon! Or, soon-ish.

Hope ya’ll have had an excellent weekend! Kick-ass, take those names, and sneak in a hug and kiss, or two.

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