A Brilliant Rainbow of Possibilities for the New Year

As tempting as it is to highlight how awful and tragic 2020 was, I'm instead going to look forward to 2021 and believe the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is not the sun going super nova, but instead a brilliant rainbow of possibilities.

It's terribly easy to focus on the negative - oh, how I know this! If you've read previous blogs, or social media posts, you're aware I have been gathering dreaded diseases over the years, along with chronic headaches and migraines. It affects my ability to write, which sucks the joy right out of my life. It's ever so easy to slip down into the doldrums and put in a change of address to that location. It's a constant struggle to stay out of the quagmire of negative thinking.

For 2021, I'll continue to persevere in my writing, attempting to vanquish or at least beat down the illnesses and pain, and will be launching a new paranormal series with alpha heroes who respect a woman's independence and intelligence, while also acknowledging their need to protect and desire to make love until neither can stand.

Expect the first book to hit the electronic and physical shelves no later than early February of the new year, and prepare to get almost as hot and bothered as the men and women getting it on between the sheets of the books - and their beds.

To keep you entertained until the first in the series is out, you'll find below books from authors I enjoy and think you will too.

Remember to keep your head above water - unless you're a mermaid - and find joy in books and anything else that makes you happy.

Warmth in your heart – love in your soul,

Slaintѐ chugaibh,

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