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Paranormal Romance Series
Coming in Q1 2021

For hundreds of years, the Garou men thought all female mates had been affected by a virus, damaging their offspring, rendering both the mother's and children undetectable by the Garou. The chances of finding love, of recognizing their mate when paths crossed, were slim to less than none. This didn't bode well for the continuation of their kind, since Garou could only produce offspring with their one and only - their mate.

They longed for what the older generation had - the emotional and physical bond, that psychical thread that bound them together, but they weren't holding their breath they'd ever find her.

Turns out the threat hanging over their heads - the human man who'd discovered the Garou's secrets and was trying to reverse engineer Garou DNA to gain the longevity, the enhanced strength and senses - has somehow also discovered the history of their mates. Little did they know his experiments were successful in triggering what had been turned off in the women, rendering their mates detectable once again. When a Garou and his mate meet in the first spine-tingling book in the series, the recognition is instantaneous and incendiary.

The women struggle to believe, but both Garou and mate soon switch from disbelief and suspicion to fighting for their lives, falling in love and tearing up the sheets.

It's a race against time and evil intentions to rescue the women and protect the Garou and their mates across the globe. 

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