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Fiola's Story

Fiola has always loved to read, and cut her teeth on books such as The Forest of Mystery, Edgar Allen Poe, Robin Hood, and Nancy Drew.


Nowadays, Fiola loves to dream of romance, bringing Shift into Romance to life by encouraging her characters to enjoy paranormal sexy-times between the pages, where alpha men embrace their wild side and strong, independent women learn that muscles and fangs not only help them survive, but also find sensuous satisfaction while doing so.

She grew up a devout tomboy, tackling every tree on the block when Silicon Valley wasn’t even a gleam in San Jose’s eyes. Back in the day, she hit life full-tilt, from barrel-racing her Appaloosa as a teen to surf-fishing in Hawaii in her twenties and walking barefoot on the beach, dreaming of romance.

Her travels these days are via the interweb's virtual worlds, where she's always on the lookout for that next story, that next place to bury the body. Or lock lips with an uber-alpha, muscular man who knows his way around a woman’s body and embraces feminine strength and all that entails.

Every experience garners even more fantasies for her characters, whether she’s crafting men with a wolven-self, or there’s a bear roaring to burst forth and claim his mate. Who knows, maybe one day, IRL (in real life), she'll find her own man with a wild-side whose abilities include kissing her ‘til she forgets her name.

She kicks-ass, takes names and crafts characters in the beautiful Portland Metro area of Oregon, where she cohabitates with her amazingly talented son and equally talented daughter-in-law, and their most affectionate cat Nudge.

Visit Fiola from time to time in her virtual corner of the world, where sexy men and women misbehave while she weaves them into stories. She loves to hear from her readers.


Check out Fiola's Q&A 'This & That', and visit the Contact form to drop her a line!

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