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Enchanting Her Defender 

Book 2 in the Beacon Bay Magic Series... If steamy shenanigans, cursing, magic and falling in love hard and fast is your jam—then you’ll enjoy this magical paranormal romance featuring a dominant hero who wields his ancient magic to defend an emotionally damaged heroine descended from a Celtic warrior queen. No cliffhangers or cheating, and each book in the series satisfies you—and the characters—with a guaranteed happily ever after!

Releases 11 August



Loving Her Holiday Hero

Loving Her Holiday Hero is a steamy magical  paranormal romance featuring a dominant, protective hero, a heroine who's coming into her own again after tragedy befell her, a sweet cherub looking for a mommy—and a matchmaking grandma from the afterlife. Grab your copy today!


‘Loved this book' Margaret

I loved this book. The story was heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time. I loved the characters and I loved their intense connection. I also loved the ending. It had me crying.

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Up and Coming

Beacon Bay Magic Series

✨Q1 2023: Book 3 > Beguiling Her Bodyguard

Quicksilver Garou: Lost & Found Mates Series

Q4 2022: Book 2 in Quicksilver Garou: Lost & Found Mates

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